What is 5 Cities Plus?

Five Cities Plus is a non-profit organization composed of major metropolitan wastewater agencies, which have come together in a common interest of the improvement of business conditions in the municipal wastewater industry, including promoting higher business operating standards and methods within the industry, along with fostering the education of the industry’s customers to enable them to better utilize the industry’s services.

What is the purpose of 5 Cities Plus?

To provide leadership in promoting the interest, health, safety, and welfare of residents of the Upper Mississippi/Ohio River basins by enhancing communication between, encouraging excellence within, and fostering prudent management and operations of, major metropolitan wastewater agencies in this region.  The ‘5 Cities’ include Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, and St. Louis, but other cities in the region are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

To improve business conditions in the municipal wastewater industry by means of technical and educational undertakings, including organizing and regularizing the 5 Cities Plus Conference among the said major metropolitan wastewater agencies, a conference which began in 1989 as a brief meeting in response to common problems, which has since provided a significant, almost-annual forum to review common issues typical of large municipal wastewater entities in this region, to articulate concerns, and to share lessons learned among the participating wastewater professionals.

What does 5 Cities Plus do?

5 Cities Plus gathers funding from sponsors, and hosts an informational conference annually.  The conference is planned by and hosted in a different city each year.

While the conference was originally set up for municipalities only, consultants are currently welcome to attend, present, and learn as well.  There are no vendor booths allowed, but there are ample informational sessions and networking opportunities.

Any funds that remain after the conference has ended, less the start up for the following year’s conference, are then donated to charities that serve the interests of promoting clean water and environmental stewardship.