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Smart CSS – Using Data Analytics and Innovative Concepts to Minimize CSOs |  Miller, Wolffie

Tree Infrastructure for Reducing Stormwater Peaks and CSO Volumes | Trypus, John

Slip Sliding Away | Kadyk, Steve

Sustainable CSO Flow Monitoring: Begin with the End in Mind | Loechle, John

Partnering for a Greener City: Strategically Deploying GI with P3 | Basham, Jordan

Waze for Sewers – Columbus’ Smart Sewers Providing Operators with an Optimized Wet Weather Operations Guidance System| Boyer, Holly

John Daly – IG Prezo | Daly, John

Odor Reduction Improvements at Southwesterly Compost Facility | Eiden, Patrick

Breaking Ground with Design-Build: Developing MSD’s Design-Build Strategy | Barr, Jared

Indiana’s Gateway to Success for Future Engineers through CEG’s PERL Program | Trypus, John

Integrating Biological Nutrient Removal into Hite Creek Plant Expansion |

Award Winning, First SRF Financed, DB Project in MO | Hess, Brian

Planning for Sustainability: Transitioning to Online Training for SORP Compliance | French, Dan

Challenges of Recommissioning the Acid Phase Digesters at the Columbus Southerly WWTP | Schweinfurth, G. Tyler

Blueprint 2025: Integrating Strategy and Innovation to Drive Organization Transformation | Akridge, Angela

Ohio River Interceptor Rehabilitation| Dodds, Heather

Operating MHI’s Under 40 CFR Subpart LLLL | Kennedy, Chris

Rainscaping Small Grants – An Education and Outreach Success | McCrary, Sue

Right Sizing Your Capital Improvement Program: Utilizing Flow Monitoring Data to Determine the Need for Contingency Projects | Kauffman, James

Success Achieved in Optimizing the Dual Phase Anaerobic Digestion Process at the City of Columbus Southerly WWTP | Wise, Darin

STEP’n Forward to Cost-Effectively Eliminate Septic Tanks | Trypus, John

Makes Cents to Us – How MSD Prioritizes its Future Capital Investments | Martin, Angela

Nutrient Reduction Moneyball | Pride, Patricia

What’s Next | Howlett, Donna

Generational Harmony & Continuity | Fleming, Lynne